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PreK-Grade 5 (学前班至五年级): (马立平中文继承语课程)

Grade 8 (八年级):

Zhaoqing Wang teaches the Chinese Language Level pre-K class at CLSBR. She taught a Chinese class at Raytown Church of Missouri between 2001-2005. She graduated from Liaoning Tieling Economy College with an Associate degree in Economy Management, and also held an Associate degree in Drafting and Design from Capital Area Technical College of Baton Rouge. She currently holds Certificate of Level 2 Mandarin from China.
Min Zhang currently teaches one session of Chinese Language Level 1 class at CLSBR. She received her BS degree in Economics from Huazhong Agricultural University in Wuhan. Her teaching philosophy may include: For the students at Level One, developing the interests of the students is my major objective in teaching. Chinese listening and speaking are the most important parts for the students at young age. During the class time, I always encourage students to speak out while listening. Chinese writing is not easy to master even with long-time practice. The majority of homework will be writing in my class.
Yujie Liu teaches the Chinese Language Level 4 class at CLSBR. Chinese phonetic alphabet, and one session of Art class at CLSBR since 2008. She got her bachelor degree from Hubei Education College with a major in Chinese Language and Literature Education. She currently holds Certificate of Level 2 Mandarin and Certificate of Economic Administration (middle level) from China.
 Deying Zhao currently teaches a Chinese Language level 5 classes at CLSBR. She has been teaching in CLSBR since 2008. She got her B.S. degree in Analytical Chemistry in China. Her past expertise was in the area of chemical analysis of medicines in pharmaceutical factory.