Welcome to Chinese Language School of Baton Rouge

Introduction / 中文简介

The Chinese Language School of Baton Rouge (CLSBR) was established in 1996. It is a non-profit organization initiated by the Chinese Friendship Association of Baton Rouge (CFABR). Our mission is to offer an opportunity to learn Chinese language and experience Chinese culture at Baton Rouge of Louisiana for those who are interested in them. CLSBR follows the two-semester academic calendar with 16 sessions each semester arranged on weekends. CLSBR is managed by its Administration Committee, a group of selected volunteers who are committed to serve the community.

CLSBR features a team of experienced and committed teachers with academic reputations. The curriculums and classes are developed to accommodate both Chinese proficiency and age of the students and centered on the text book "Chinese" oversea edition. The Classes focus on developing students' comprehensive skills in Chinese reading, listening, speaking and writing.

CLSBR is currently located at South Baton Rouge Church of Christ , 8725 Jefferson HWY. Please email to: principal@csbrla.org for further information.

Administration Committee
The Chinese Language School of Baton Rouge (1996-2015)